1 – Loopy 


Loopy helps you create music by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing, or playing an instrument with a savvy, sophisticated, tactile looper. Loopy has a host of industry-standard features, including: MIDI, import and export, full featured noise gate, full stereo, and live reverse and decay effects. Loopy is available on ios with a free version and a pro version.


2 – Figure


Figure is for everyone, a tactile treat of an app to create electronic loops using drums, bass and lead melodies, with no prior knowledge required. You can also check out and remix other peoples’ loops, and share your own. The app was created by Propellerhead a company well known for their professional music software it is available on ios.


3 – Music Maker Jam


Music Maker Jam allows you to make song out of loops of samples and to create and add your own vocals. You create your song by downloading sample packs that span almost any genre and mood. You can mix your tracks and add effects live. Music Maker Jam is available on both android and ios.


4 – Retronym Tabletop


Retronym Tabletop is an designed to create a musical work space or “Tabletop” it allows the user to choose up to 13 modules that include: Gridlok: Touchpad Sampler, M8RX: Tone Matrix, RS3: Polyphonic Stereo Keyboard, Mr. O: Master Output, Goblin MX8: 8-Channel Mixer, SpinBack: Turntable Player, X2: Splitter Unit, Magic Mic: Input Recording Module, Recorder M2: All-Purpose Input Recorder, 3Q: 3-Band Equalizer, Filtr LP: Low-Pass Filter Effect, T101 – Triggerator: Sequence and Perform. Retronym Tabletop is available on ios.

Author: Wils Quinn


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