We live in a day and age where visuals are very important for advertisement. A great way to make your event stand out among the rest is a well done flyer. It helps get information across quickly and in an aesthetically pleasing manner.tumblr_o2odmnmsfd1qb5tdro1_540 A well done flyer can also help your audience get a feel for the atmosphere of the event.  For example, a monochromatic flyer with high contrast gives the impression of a rock show. On the other hand, a colorful flyer with high saturation and a lot of exclamation marks gives an entirely different feeling.

But where do you start? What programs are available to the beginner graphic designer? To answer these questions we interviewed Reid Small. Small creates flyers for his bands, Jovontaes and Shawnthony Calypso. We are big fans of his art and we wanted to dig in and see how he goes about starting on these beauties.

How do you start finding inspiration for your posters? (Does the band or venue play into the final design?)

Reid Small: Yeah, I almost always try to make flyer/advertisement/album art relevant in some way to band/artist/group or business. Iconography/visual symbolic association helps when you first glance at a flyer/graphic.

What software do you use to create your flyers?

Small: Photoshop/publisher/paint/a printer and glue. Depends on end result.

Do you have any tips for a good starting place in the realm of graphic design?

Small: Just do whatever you want, there are no rules as along as you end up with a finished product you like that serves its purpose.

In your opinion, what are the most important elements of a good poster?

Small: Balance and legibility.

What are some “don’ts” of poster-making?

Small: The only don’ts in my opinion are to try and avoid using highly/ frequently used images and to avoid using fonts no one can read.

When it comes to distribution do you focus more on physical copies of your poster or digital?

Small: I believe physical copies are always important, hence the name “flyer.” I sometimes screen print my flyers/posters if I believe them to be good enough or if I want to have that version around.

Thank you, Reid! Well there you have it folks! Go out there and get stuck in! Welcome to the amazing world of graphic design!
Author: Shawn Reynolds

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