Let us consider distribution as a constant war in which bands, labels, and artists battle to be seen and heard by the masses. In this war Bandcamp and Soundcloud are the front line, they are your first and sometimes last chance to grab the viewers attention and to make them a fan. Bandcamp and Soundcloud have unique attributes and characteristics, they can both be very useful to the artist but they must be utilized differently. Today we will be talking specifically about Bandcamp. I will be breaking this down to the top 5 best things that will help you get the most out of Bandcamp.

1. Visuals



The visual aspect of your Bandcamp  page is the first sign of you as an artist. It should portray your personality and will play a large part into whether or not people look further into your page. Above are 3 very different examples of stylistic approaches to a Bandcamp page. The first example uses a very minimal approach using only colors that mix together well. The colors compliment the album cover itself creating a simple yet enjoyable page. The next example utilizes the repeat function and custom banner function of Bandcamp to create a seamless background. Finally the last example uses both of the aforementioned styles to create a very maximal design based on an idea  (e.g. peaches.) It uses the repeat function to create multiple peaches on the side, the font color matches the background color to create a seamless transition from background to font.

2. Cross Marketing

screenshot-2017-02-02-at-10-27-50-am screenshot-2017-02-02-at-10-29-19-amscreenshot-2017-02-02-at-10-36-03-am

When someone goes onto your Bandcamp page that is your chance to gain a new fan. You don’t want them to click around for a minute get bored and leave, you need to hold their attention. That is when cross marketing comes in, it’s a really simple concept, the wider the net the more chance of catching a fish. When you connect and reference all your social media outlets to each other you are creating a network. If someone finds your Instagram then they will find your Bandcamp if they find your Soundcloud they will find your Instagram and vice versa. It really helps have a similar name on all accounts to allow for easier cross marketing. This will increase your chances of getting new fans and keeping their interest.

3. Tagging


Tagging your music is very important. With tagging, it truly is more the merrier, the more tags you use the higher the chance of your music being seen. When people look up jazz on Bandcamp only the albums tagged with jazz will show up. That means when you are tagging your music don’t be afraid of tagging it with as many genres and sub genres as you need.

4. Physical Sales

Screenshot 2017-02-02 at 11.14.35 AM.png

Bandcamp also allows you to sell your merchandise straight from your site. That means T-Shirts, Vinyl, Cassettes or anything else you can imagine. This allows you to make a handy dandy digital storefront right along with your digital music uploads. It is extremely easy to set and will help you generate  additional profit. Here is how to set it up.

5. Bandcamp Subscriptions

Screenshot 2017-02-02 at 11.30.50 AM.png

Bandcamp now offers a subscription service for your fans. Where they pay a monthly or yearly fee of your choosing. It could be a fan club, a VIP club, or a Virtual backstage pass. In exchange for the monthly or yearly rate, the fan would have access to your back catalog of music and your new releases as well as subscriber exclusive content. You can also give subscribers discounts on merchandise, early releases, tickets to gigs and anything else you can think up. The great part about this for you as an artists, is that the subscribers offer a more reliable monthly income. It also allows you to create a closer connection to fans by using the subscriber community, similar to Instagram it allows you to post images, videos and much more.


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