Recording your audio is an integral part of allowing other people to hear your sound.

1 -Zoom H1


The Zoom H1 is one of the cheapest high quality recorders on the market. The X/Y stereo mic runs off of one AA battery and is compatible with a micro SD card.  The Zoom can record audio in MP3 and WAV. The product retails for $100, but is often found for less. A demo of the Zoom H1 recording power can be found here.



Image result for TASCAM DR-05

This product was TASCAM’s answer to The Zoom H1. This easy to operate audio recorder is very cheap ($84), especially considering how powerful it is. The audio recorder runs off of two AA battery’s or off of the provided charging cable.  Much like the ZOOM H1, the tascam can record WAV/MP3 and is micro SD compatable. A demo of the TASCAMS power can be found here.



Image result for zoom h4n

Lastly, The Study ZOOM H4N is everything the zoom is but better, enhanced on board editing, full SD card support, enhanced sound quality, and XLR/TRS hookup. The audio recorder retails for $160, a demo of the audio recorder can be found here.

Author: Jackson Dunavant




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