The 4 components described below will have big influences in the music opportunity you have given yourself. Keeping these elements in mind will keep you on a steady path towards your successful career.

Plan of Action- An easy to follow template that helps assist with accomplishing goals. This will ensure you are always moving forward at an effective pace with no unnecessary steps. You will be able to apply this template to any step in your music career. For example if you are at the beginning stages of creating your band, plan out how to get your equipment. If you are further down the road, plan out how you will be producing your first EP.

screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-6-19-18-pmTask: What goal do you want to accomplish.

Action Steps: What steps must be taken in order to accomplish this goal.

Who: Who is the person responsible for achieving this goal.

Deadline: When should this goal be done (give yourself a reasonable time frame) 

Finished Date: When was this goal completed 

Results: What was the outcome of this task. List both the positive and negative results.

Don’t wait to be discovered- Record companies and booking agents don’t go out of their way to find you, you must find them. There are people out there who are willing to help you and help your music career expand, but you must be ready for this kind of commitment. You must find these helpful guides and have a prepared plan before contacting them. This will be a great help to you in the future and make it easier for you to get along with the people you will be working with.  

Take Your Act Seriously- You may have heard the phrase, “What you put into life is what you get out of it,” (Clint Eastwood). Your listeners will give you the amount of respect that you give your career. You are the one who sets the tone and aesthetic of your music career and by sending off a strong message you are communicating to the people that you are serious about your work. Getting this message across is very important and the best part, you don’t have to speak a word. You will show this in your work and people will know that this is real and this is happening.

Have Passion- Finally, having passion is an essential when making your music. Before moving forward, ask yourself, do I enjoy making music or am I doing this because I have to fit a certain expectation or for attention grab. Being honest with yourself can only help you. If you don’t have passion chances are you don’t enjoy making music as much as you would like too and chances are others won’t like listening to your music as much as you would like them too either. If you have passion, creating music will never be a chore and you will enjoy going out of your way to create something new. Passion will help push you through your darkest moments and help lift you up to great heights in times of victory. Passion will always be there for you, but it is something that must be natural and cannot be manifested.  

Conclusion- To recap, have a plan of action. This will ensure you are always moving forward at an efficient pace. Don’t wait to be discovered, go out there and make yourself known. There are people waiting to help you, all you have to do is find them. Take your act seriously, you are the template and everyone else will fall in line. Make sure people know that you are serious about your career and prove it by showing them. And finally have passion. This is the difference between your career being something you truly enjoy to a chore that will never go away. With this new knowledge go out there and make the most successful music career you possibly can, good luck to you all.


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