Today we will talk about the pros and cons of making and duplicating your own CD’s or going to a company like Disc Makers and doing it professionally. We will address the differences in price, customization, and quality/quantity.



DIY is a perfectly cheap option for a short run of CD’s and if the amount is under 100 then doing it yourself would be a good option.

However it is harder to find large quantities of discs on your own without going through a company like disc makers.


Professional is worth while when you want to produce a large number of CD’s and becomes more affordable the more you get.

However you will most likely not be able to order less the around 50-100 CD’s.



Your imagination and your skill are your only limits.

However some things such a 6 panel folding CD cases may be out of reach.


You are limited to only what the factory can produce.

However you can have more options, such as jewel cases and multi paneled cases.



The quality of the packaging may be harder to achieve but you could double check every single product.

Meanwhile quantity is less worth while. If you were to bulk order cd it would not cost much to have them duplicated and packaged as well.


You are less likely to see the all the products a double check every detail. They may give you a test print of virtual version to show you what the CD would look like.

Quantity is easy here because it is being made in a factory designed for large mass orders and will be able to handle your order efficiently and at low cost.


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