So you’re finally there. You’re right at the point of no return. A tour. You’ve got the supplies needed, you know where you’re going, your instruments are tuned and ready to head off, but wait. How are you going to get all of this in your car? Moving vans are useful but they can be expensive, especially if you are already on a tight budget. However, there is no need to fret because the DIY-FI team has got your back. We have a couple of tips to maximize the space in your car.

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Starting From Scratch

The best thing you can do to prepare packing your car is to clear it out completely. Starting from a blank slate will let you take stock of the space within your car. This is also a good idea because you don’t want your car cluttered with unnecessary waste while on your journey. It lowers stress levels and makes for a more comfortable drive.

Getting A Head Start

No matter what you do it’s always a good idea to start as soon as you can. So getting started the day before is heavily encouraged. You do not want to be rushing around in the morning trying to figure out what goes where.

Priority Packing

Make sure you are only bringing the essentials on this trip. While it may seem like a good idea to bring along a Playstation for the hotel, you don’t want to sacrifice the limited space you have.Image result for packed car with instruments Plan out outfits ahead of time and be wary of how many luxury items you bring along.

Also when packing larger drums and amps make sure these are put in first. After they are securely put in start placing the rest of your gear around them. Guitars and other string instruments are always last.

Safety First

Of course it is of the utmost importance that you can safely operate your vehicle. You do not want to block your vision. Make certain that no luggage or gear is blocking your rear window. If safety becomes a concern then you’ll want to dig out those last few dollars to rent a larger vehicle. Safety is always a top priority.

Well there you have it. A few tips to get you started on your big journey. Just remember that it’s always better to be safe and cautious on your trip. Unnecessary risks, more often than not, come back to bite you in the bum.


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