Today we will be going over the pros and cons of a hardware rig or software rig both for recording and live performance.

  1. Price

    Hardware will always be more expensive then software unless you can find something on craigslist that the owner might not know is valuable. On the other hand so plugins can emulators can cost a pretty penny but for the most part they are recreating hardware that would cost thousands of dollars.

  2. Versatility

    Software takes takes the lead here. If you have the ability to store 100s of synthesizers and a recording studio all in one laptop than is quite versatile. Hardware can be versatile in its uses but it does not come close to a computer.

  3. Image

    Now this one seems obvious, nothing is cooler than some vintage synth or mixing board covered in knobs, lights and switches and finished off with wood siding. Compare to the lifeless screen of a computer.

  4. Sound Quality

    This is really up to the user. Some people search for the warmth and character of hardware and vintage gear meanwhile some people prefer the accurate and crisp sound of a digital recording. So this is really up to you. Hopefully this helped you with your decision and now go forth and build your rig whether it hardware or software.


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